Thursday, July 30, 2015

Y'all, I Think I'm Done

Y'all , I think I'm done blogging. 

While I've loved the process, it's become tedious for me. The kids really don't like me sharing their lives with the rest of the world any longer, so it's time to move on and just experience life without writing about it.

Here's the plan, though it may change a bit:

  • I'm in the process of moving my AG patterns over to Craftsy.
  • They will be free, as they have been here at Seams Inspired.
  • I'll shut everything down & delete this space by mid-August.

As far as the other posts...well, what would you do? Got any advice?

I suppose I'll download everything just in case I want to look back on it one day. In the meantime, I want to thank all of you for reading and commenting. Truly, you are more than just readers & commenters...

 You. Are. Friends. 

I'm grateful for your encouragement, advice, ideas, your points of view, and most of all your constancy to return time and again to read my crazy thoughts. 

With love-n-hugs,



  1. Oh. This happens. This is why I no longer have a kitty blog, or a blog on my mom, or ....
    Life gets busy, I know you love your blog pals dearly, but something has to give. --- you could give up house work.....
    Oh, like me, you already did? hmm
    Life gets very full. God gave us time on earth to share and love.
    You have shared so much. I love your enthusiasm
    I hope you put all of your patterns and ideas on Craftsy because everything you share is wonderful
    Love, Rosemary

    1. You understand perfectly, Rosemary. Thank you for your kind words & encouragement.
      I look forward to keeping in touch with you.

  2. Hugs to you, your gift of sharing has touched many of us! :-}pokey

    1. Thanks, Pokey!
      I appreciate your sweet words, and look forward to continuing to read your posts.

  3. While I completely understand your decision- I was so sad reading this. I've loved reading and commenting on your posts and I feel like we've really become friends over the years. Times change though and so does our focus , so I wish you everything good and wonderful for the next stage of your life post blogging.


    1. Thank you for your kind words, dear friend. Yes, you are a true friend...and one of the reasons I have loved blogging.
      I look forward to reading your blog, and keeping my fingers crossed for a real life meetup one day soon.

  4. Like Shay, I understand. Life gets hectic and I think it's busier as the kids get into high school. I will miss reading about what's going on in your neck of the woods and seeing what cool, crafty stuff you are up too. I hope you'll still stop by and comment occasionally on mine or Shay's blog so we don't completely loose touch. Thanks for sharing your talent, faith and family over the last few years. It's been a blessing to follow your blog.

    1. We'll definitely keep in touch; and I couldn't imagine not reading your posts, sweet friend. I'll be sure to stop by & continue reading your and Shay's blogs. You two are my inspiration for quilting! Thank you for your kind words, Kate.

  5. what they said .. it's been fun getting to know. Thank you for your encouragement.
    As for what to do with your blog, I've seen something advertised where you can make your blog into a book .. don't know how expensive but it might be something worth looking into.

    1. I've enjoyed getting to know you, too, Thea! I love how our words can connect us.
      Thanks for the idea! I'm checking into it. I have over 700 posts, so I may need to make more than one book. Perhaps by year...hmmmm. Thanks for giving me something to ponder as I close out the blog. You are a dear friend & inspiration!

  6. I only recently found your blog. Glad I did. Thank you for sharing your doll clothes ideas and patterns. Have a happy life.

    1. Thanks for your sweet words, Val.
      I look forward to staying connected to you through Google+, as I don't plan on shutting that off, too. :)
      Happy Sewing!

  7. Oh friend, I'm sorry to hear this. I completely understand though. It's been such a joy to get to know you through blogging!

    1. Dearest are such an amazing inspiration to me.
      I appreciate your heart & your kind words. We'll stay in touch through your blog, most definitely!


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