Monday, June 29, 2015

Ready to Celebrate America!

We finally caught a break in the extremely hot & humid summer weather, so I took that as a sign to get the house decorated for the 4th of July. The boys pressure-washed the porch, while LittleGirl and I created a no-sew bunting. We are really pleased with the results!

I love how these flap in the breeze!
Never mind that little twist in the blue bandanna. It still looks patriotic. ;)

This is a super-easy project you can try with your littles. Here's all you need:

  • Red and Blue Bandannas (we used 3 of each color)
  • Scraps of Ribbon
  • Long Spool of Ribbon (we used about 4 yards)

Cut each bandanna in half lengthwise. 
Cut each half in half, creating 4 squares from one bandanna. 
Tie a scrap of ribbon onto the cut point of the bandanna. 
Once you have a big ol' pile of tied-up squares, begin tying to your squares onto the long ribbon, alternating colors. 

Hang on your porch or anywhere you want to inject a little patriotic flair. 

Here's the whole porch decked out and ready to celebrate America. Let Freedom Ring! 

Pardon my pitiful looking camellias. They had to be severely pruned this year due to their age.
30 years is a long time to go without a haircut! Thankfully, they are finally growing back. 

And one more view from the other side...

Do you decorate to celebrate your country?

Happy Monday!


  1. LOVE it! We have a red, white and blue long cloth that I got from LTD years ago. I drape it around our front porch railing. And I know what you mean... my lilac bushes need a hair cut in the worst way. Not sure when the best time to trim them is tho. I think early spring and by that time I'm sure I"ll forget...

    1. Thanks, Val! I'm envious of your porch railing. It's on my to-build list for the summer.
      I think you prune lilacs in late winter...but don't hold me to that. I took a chance and whacked my camellias down to 20" stubs in late April. Didn't know if they'd come back or not. Thankful they did, though. One less plant to pull. ;)

      Happy 4th to you & yours!

  2. Great idea ! Your bunting looks very cool on your porch Larri .

    We Aussies tend to be less overtly patriotic than our US friends...most dont decorate at all for Australia Day.

    1. Thanks, Shay! I'm liking the look, though I feel the chairs need cushions. Perhaps today I'll get motivated to stitch some.

      Maybe you should start a new trend & decorate your front yard for Australia Day. The neighbors will either jump on board...or talk about how crazy you must be. ;)

  3. Awww sew cute.
    Well, when the kiddies were little I did decorate.
    Now I just put flags in the gardens.
    I am so busy taking care of my 92 year oldsters, that is more important.

    Yard pruning. oh my oh my. So much I need to do. My camellias are looking good. They bloom in November every year. I should do some trimming. It is too hot right now

    1. Flags in the gardens sounds lovely, Rosemary.
      Yes, taking care of our elderly is most important.
      The front beds are a bit woeful here. The liriope needs thinning, & we are in dire need of mulching. It's been too hot to work in the yard, but cooler days are ahead! :) Happy 4th to you & yours!

  4. Replies
    1. Easy-peasy, Jules!
      Perhaps the girls in your youth class would enjoy making these? The bandannas were from the dollar store & the ribbon was scrap stashed.
      Miss you lots, but still praying for you & yours. Chat soon!

  5. So cute and something I can do with the kids. We are planning a circus party for little man this month and this would be the perfect bunting!!

    1. Your girls would love this hands-on project. Grab your bright scraps or some colorful bandannas from the dollar store for a blast of bunting. Ooh...a circus party. I did something similar for my boys when they were littles. I had themed 'stations' around the room. Thank goodness for family & friends. They ran the games at each station. The prizes (trinkets from Oriental Trading Co) the kids won became their goodie bags to take home. Easy-peasy, but lots of planning. Looking forward to reading all about Little Man's big birthday party!


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