Thursday, June 25, 2015

Charleston Strong

If you've been following the state of South Carolina news, you've probably seen the horrific depiction of events which occurred in Charleston last week. Oh, how my heart has hurt to know such hatred caused bloodshed. To help me process, and to honor the victims, I needed to create some WordArt. 

Inspired by Gil Shuler's beautiful Palmetto Tree art, I incorporated each of the names along with the hashtags I've seen this week. You are welcome to print it for personal use and share it on social media, if you link it back here & give Mr. Shuler credit for the original design. 

Pray for healing hearts. 
Pray for united peace.
Pray for love. 
Love is what South Carolina needs.
Love conquers all.

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Any nastiness will be promptly reported and deleted. 


  1. Thank you for this beautiful graphic and for the offer to let us use it. However, I can't get a clear image like this one. Each time I try to download it, it's unclear and hard to read. Is there a way I could get a larger file? Thank you, SeamsInspired!

    1. I'll email you a copy, Vonda. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Such tragic events in your part of the world. I feel for the families of the people taken by such evil.

    1. It's a bit heart-wrenching, Shay. Our state is mourning this week.
      Hope all is well in your world, friend.

  3. Such a sad week for our nation and our world. Thank you for always pointing back to what is most important and that is Jesus and our Heavenly Father -

    1. I am so proud of my state for focusing today on forgiveness.
      God is bigger than this. The whole point is to point to Him, yes?
      Rebecca - I was thinking about you this morning!
      Hope all is well in your world. Would love a chat with you friend.

  4. Such senselessness. We can only hope that some good comes out of it.

    1. I think some good has come out of it, Kate.
      The world is watching, and they've seen forgiveness.
      Despite how the media sometimes portrays us, South Carolina does not want to regress to yesteryear. We have a few nutty extremists; however, for the most part we all get along & with each new generation we have become more 'color blind.'


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