Monday, February 2, 2015

Rice Pudding & Finally Bound

It's been a blustery day at the house of Seams Inspired. 
The wind is howling at us, using all its might to bend the Leyland Cypress tips to the if we didn't already know Ol' Man Winter is sticking around another six weeks. Sigh. 

After running errands, and ruining any chance of a decent hair day, I heard the kitchen calling out to me. I dunno. Just seemed like a Rice Pudding kind of day. 

See that pretty quilted fabric in the background?
That's my Valentine Table Runner finally bound!

Check off the Finally Finished box, please!

I know. It's been...what? Three years ago I posted that thing. Gasp!

The Runner...gracing our V-Day table in all it's unbound glory.

Oh, well. Better finished now than never. Two questions for you:

Do you eat rice pudding?
Do you have any unfinished projects?

Happy Monday! 


  1. i wish that we could get some of that rain of yours here. We only have 12% of our average rainfall so far and in the middle of the fourth year of drought. I love rice pudding, so i wish that I had some of your pudding coming my way too. Blessings!

    1. Sorry to hear about the drought. We finally caught up on our rainfall.
      I can guarantee if you were my next door neighbor you'd receive some rice pudding. :)
      Thanks for stopping by & happy Wednesday!

  2. The rice pudding looks yummy, as does the table runner (in a different way of course). Congrats on getting it completely finished.

    1. I'm so happy to have that runner finished, Kate. It's been embarrassingly long in completing. Life just got in the way & I forgot about it. On a good note, it's sparked my sewing mojo. All I want to do is stitch, stitch, stitch now! ツ


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