Thursday, February 5, 2015

Orange Ya Glad

I wanted to send a quick & simple treat for one of our teachers.
She goes above & beyond daily, and is so appreciated.
It's just some oranges with a raffia bow.
Sometimes simple is all we need to 'Peel' the love. ;)

And here's a printable if you need one for your most-appreciated teacher...

What is your favorite simple gift to give?

Happy Thursday!


  1. You're so thoughtful Larri. Im sure he teacher appreciated your gesture.

    For quick gifts I usually go straight to a box of chocolates because Im a slacker !

    1. Thanks, Shay!
      Yes, she seemed to happy to receive just a bag of oranges.
      Love chocolate! Can't go wrong with that...ever. ツ

  2. What a nice weekend ending pick me up. Cookies are my favorite quickie gift, I have some fast recipes that make a nice sized batch

    1. Thanks, Kate!
      Love fast recipes for gifts. Great idea!
      Snickerdoodles are my go-to recipe, but I wasn't in the mood to bake. LittleGirl was home sick w/the flu for 3 days last week. It always makes me a bit 'oogie' to gift food when we've got illness in the house. LOL


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