Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ice Storms = Sewing

So we've been out of school for 3 days this week because of a little ice. 
It's Winter in the South.
This time, I was prepared.

Before the storm hit, I baked, cooked, and stocked up meals for easy heat-and-eat. Thankfully, we never lost power, which meant I could sew! I tried an idea that's been brewing for a while...sewing strips of scraps to an old towel. It's trapping the dirt at the sliding door.  

Not the prettiest of projects, but Dexter likes it & it functions well. 

I plan to make another one soon, perhaps drawing out some guidelines before I stitch. It's a fabulous scrap-buster, so no complaints here as I knock down that big pile!

Remember when I went Carolina Shop Hopping this past summer? Well, I still had block kits I never stitched up. I'm happy to say they are all stitched out now!

The Red and Blue was the most difficult for me with all it's tedious, tiny cuts, and half-square triangles. Maybe it was the instructions. I had to read through them quite a few times before understanding exactly what I was supposed to construct. It's a bit wonky. I'm thinking I'm going to take apart the rows & put it back together a little straighter.

See the bottom and left side?
They need fixin'!
The kids return to school this AM on a delayed start. Time to make blueberry pancakes & warm their bellies before they head out the door. Don't know when I'll get the chance to sew again, but I sure did relish the moments I had this week! Sewing time = Happy time.

How are you filling your days?
Happy Thursday!


  1. Great idea on the towel! I need to do that sometime!!!

  2. Very pretty blocks! The towel trick is a great way to use up those scraps. Glad you got some stitching in.

  3. You were on fire Larri. So pleased you were able to have some quality time with your sewing machine. I think your red white and blue block looks fine. Square up the edges and move on.


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