Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Whining Equals Motivation

Nothing like a little whining to motivate yourself into accomplishing your tasks.


These took less than an hour to stitch...would've been 30 minutes, but I had to unpick a row. Snot.

The photos are dark because it's gloomy outside. The first day of Autumn decided to put on a show-- overcast and breezy cold all day.  Brrr! Yesterday's whiny post and pictures show the truest colors of these purdy birdy curtains. 

Know what I love most about these curtains? They're re-purposed! 

Originally intended to be a tweety table cover, I found these tablecloths on sale at Target. 

Before the day I discovered them, I honestly thought I was the only person left in the South who could not find great deals at this store. Funny when you're not looking for something you find exactly what you've been wanting. 

There I was, strolling along, killing some time, and SHUT-MY-AUNT-FANNIE'S-MOUTH, I eyeballed these in-exactly-the-right-colors-and-size-and-oh-my-goodness-those-are-the-prettiest-birds-on-fabric-print I'd thought of in my many stitching dreams.  Being on clearance was just a happy bonus. 

The size left just enough room to fold fabric over and make a rod pocket. While I love the look of full-length panels, it's not an option for my kitchen. We live in this house, and especially this room. To the floor curtains would be stepped on by big-footed teen boys, and slobbered on by Dexter. His food and water are in the vicinity of the window. Nope. Practicality trumps predilection every time in the Seams Inspired home.

Did you catch where I'm sewing? In the kitchen? One of the reasons for lack of stitching is the teens took over my Sewing Room! They were scattered about the house with their electronics, and truly needed a more suitable place for computerin' and entertainin'...under the watchful parental eye. ;) 

My fabrics and notions and machines are congregating in different rooms at the moment. Fingers-crossed to get it all back in one space (just a teeny corner in the living room, please?!) by the weekend. 

Oh, to be sewing! Makes my heart smile. 

What motivates you today?

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Whoooo hoooo- Im doing the happy dance for you. Your curtains look fab!

    1. Boot-scootin' the happy dance here, too, Shay. ツ
      Thanks! I really love them. And so glad to have a sewing finish! Been way too long.

  2. Those are some super cute, purdy birdie curtains! Love the fabric and they look great on your kitchen windows.

    1. Thanks, P! They make me smile. That's really all that matters. LOL

  3. Congrats on finding and finishing the just right curtains for your kitchen. They look great.

    1. Thanks, Kate! I love when my planets align and life makes me smile...which is exactly what happens when I pass by these curtains. Happy Monday to you & yours!


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