Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Flittering About and No Sewing

So this fabric is supposed to become my new kitchen curtains. Don't you love these little birdies?! 
Thought I was going to sew it two weekends ago, then a week ago, then a day ago...and so on and sew on. Alas, my machine has been pushed to the wayside as life outside of sewing calls. 

I've also pulled fabrics for Sea Breeze Quilts Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler. Are you participating? Two blocks have been posted. Get over there and download them before they disappear! 

What's happening in your world?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. "Life outside of sewing" - don't let busyness hold you down my friend ... we need you!

    1. Thanks, Brian!
      All my whining motivated me to pull the machine out today.
      I have some sewing to share with y'all tomorrow. Hooray! :)
      Hope all is well in your world today. Off to blog hop for a bit.

  2. I started my blocks for the sampler yesterday. Amanda's instructions are an absolute breeze to follow ( pun intended !)

    Im sure you'll get to those curtains , eventually!

    1. They're next on my list...because I sewed the curtains today! :)
      Already wrote up my blog post, too. Jeesh. I might be on a roll.
      PS...Just read it was your birthday. Happy Belated Birthday, friend!


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