Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Day I Put My Kid on the Wrong Bus

Yep. True story. 

Almost lost a diamond in my Momma-Crown yesterday.

LittleGirl began Middle School yesterday. What a milestone. No more babies in Elementary. 
We've moved up and moved on...hooray! No tears for this Momma. I relished the busy toddler years and viewing the world anew; however,  I truly love the new era we're beginning. 

But I've digressed...back to the wrong bus...

We stepped out to the bus stop a few minutes early. It did seem a bit unusual for the bus to arrive 5 minutes early and from the opposite direction, but in the excitement of the first day of school, we just weren't thinkin' straight. 

As LittleGirl stepped onto the bus, I jogged over to ask the bus driver if she would be coming from this new direction daily. She stated she would. 

While all this was happening, I observed the other students on the bus. They seemed A LOT older than LittleGirl. 

THANK the GOOD LORD...I then asked, "This IS the bus to Middle School, right?"

Nope. My sweet baby girl was on the bus to High School. 

My next words were an excited shout, "Oh, no! Get my kid off that bus, please!"

I readily admit, my thought was not, "Oh, no!" 

Actually, I'm surprised the expletive that came to mind didn't pop out of my mouth as I shouted.

Off the bus LittleGirl trotted, quite embarrassed and a little ticked at her Momma. Thank goodness I snapped her First Day of School picture before that crazy event!

We did manage to get her on the right bus, and we're so glad more kids in the neighborhood are utilizing this mode of transportation this year. LittleGirl made new friends, and even though her afternoon bus was an hour late returning her home, she bounced down the steps and had a huge smile on her face. She chattered away the evening about her new experience not leaving out one moment. I love that girl. 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Rosemary B here:
    Oh I remember this day, the first day of middle school for the youngest baby.
    No tears.... maybe shock haha
    I am so glad you engaged with the bus driver. Could you imagine?
    Happy middle school to you mum <3

    1. No tears or shock, here, Rosemary! Truly excited to be in the next stages of life. It's still amazing to watch them grow. I'm glad I had the forethought to ask, too. Seriously...I'd never live something like that down. Haha! Thanks for stopping by, Rosemary. Hope y'all are doing very well in your world! :)

  2. Everyone survived so no harm done! Cant believe all of your lot are back at school. Summer seemed to go so fast !

    1. Thank my lucky stars I asked which bus it was, Shay!
      Summer did go by too fast...but it's still so stinkin' hot.
      Glad the girl can ride the bus and I don't have to wait in the car line. ;)

  3. Oh wow! Thankful you realized it before the bus took off.

    1. Me, too, Barbie! You know she'd never let me forget that mistake, right? ;)

  4. She'll be able to rib you about that one for a while. If she's anything like DT, she'll take every opportunity to remind you of your slip.

    1. Ain't it the truth, Kate! I did make her some PB cookies to snack on after school. That seemed to help, but I'm sure it will come up again sometime soon!

  5. Oh no, bet you went cold with fear! At least she see's the funny side now.

    1. Not even sure I had time to think, Louise! Haha!
      Yes, all's well that end's well. Hopefully, it won't happen again.
      I feel I don't make mistakes often, but when I do...they are doozies such as this! :)


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