Friday, August 8, 2014

Hiatus Happiness

So...I went on hiatus.
From all social media. 
For all of July.
And the first week of August. 


Here's what I learned:

  • Hi. My name is Larri. I'm a social media addict. 
  • It took me two full weeks to stop looking at Twitter. It was another 10 days before I ceased pulling up Pinterest. I'm so glad I don't have a Facebook page. 
  • I had a lofty goal to read through my Bible in 31 days. 
  • Totally didn't happen. I've made it to Joshua.
  • Although I didn't come close to my goal, I'm truly excited that several hours of reading His word each day has increased my desire to read Scripture even more.  
  • Didn't realize how much I'd missed that, or gotten away from the desire until my hiatus.
  • My hiatus refreshed my creativity.
  • I sewed & sewed & sewed.
  • Cue the angels' chorus.

I have lots of sewing projects to share; however, I've just returned from the beach...which is why my scheduled hiatus was held over for an extra week. No WiFi at Neptune's Folly gave us opportunity to have an old-fashioned, electronics-free vacation. We enjoyed the slow life & sunrises, but returned a couple of days early. A boy was bitten by a shark near where we were splashing around in the ocean. Kinda squelched our desire to ride any waves after that. Oh, and the little guy will thankfully be okay.

Here's yesterday's beautiful sunrise....

I'll get my sewing snaps ready today & have a post for you this weekend. I sure have missed y'all, and look forward to catching up with each of you & your blogs.

What have you been up to this last month?

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Oh Larri - Ive missed you a lot and was only thinking of you yesterday . Cant wait to see the pictures of your sewing. Welcome back.

    1. Hello, Shay! Missed you as well. Just saw you've been without internet. Hope all is well in your world today. Glad to be back & looking forward to showing you what I stitched. I put together a couple of quilt blocks that were very challenging for me. ツ Happy Saturday night!

  2. Rosemary B here:
    So good, I agree. We should do this more often. I am very happy that you reconnected with the Bible and family.
    I am on the east coast (No Va) and I just moved my oldsters (91) to a retirement community, Ashby Ponds.
    Everyone is decrepit there.... a happy fun setting and very inspiring too. They are only 4 miles from my house now. the move was epic and we are not done. Still have the old house to sell in Maryland, which will be a big headache but we will make it pain free, my hubbs is good at that sort of thing anyway.
    Happy Week-end. Welcome back to the life of hectic haha

    1. Thanks, Rosemary! Glad you have them settled in their new place & will be praying for a quick & easy sell of the former. Happy Saturday, sweet friend! :)

  3. Hey sweet friend! I understand the social media addiction - I had an unintended break earlier in July which really made me step back and reevaluate. I've missed you in the mornings and will be glad to resume (hopefully) our morning prayers.

    1. Hey, Aurie! It's truly amazing what a little time away will do for the mind & spirit.
      Oh, yes. It's what I missed most...connecting with you & the girls.
      Let's definitely resume come Monday morning.
      Love ya, dear friend! ((HUGS))

  4. I am thankful your time away was productive! Have a blessed week.

    1. Thanks, Barbie! Yes, it was wonderful to relax, ruminate, and refresh. ツ

  5. Welcome back East Coast sister. Glad that you took the needed hiatus and refreshed yourself in the Lord's presence with some "down time" from the busyness of the world demands upon your precious time. The sunrise pic relaxes me and gives me a feel of the peace that you experienced. Your priorities are straight. Blessings.

    1. Thanks, Brian! Those sunrises were truly refreshing. I loved being able to walk in His light of a new day & praise Him with song while the waves drowned out my voice. :)

  6. It's good to be unplugged for a few days. I limit my social network time these days, otherwise I'd never get anything done. But that also means, I'm always catching up on all the posts. Glad to see you back.

    1. Thanks, Kate! Yes, time away was very therapeutic. I'm kind of an all-or-nothing gal when it comes to the electronics. Right now, I'm tweeting during the mornings, save for 1 or 2 days this past week. It's easy to jump back in & not so easy to jump out. Glad to be back though. :)


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