Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Graduations and Teacher Gifts

We're down to days, hours really, before our school year ends & summer begins!

Son#1 has finished his sophomore year of high school with college credits for 4 classes, a spot on the college's Dean's List, and an induction into the Beta Club. Yeah, I'm bragging! :)

Son#2 earned high marks in his classes, and even though the transition back into public middle school was tough on him, we are so proud of his tenacity. He stuck to his goals & completes the year with some high school credits. He'll be ahead when he actually begins his secondary education. 

LittleGirl had a whirlwind 5th grade year. So many milestones...and drama! ;) So far, school has come fairly easy for her. We look forward to seeing her challenged a bit more in middle school, though she and I are still not certain about public school next year. Though she is enrolled at the local middle school, I'd really like for her to come home and learn; however, the year we did homeschool with her was very rough on all of us. We're still praying about this. Join us?

So, as with any end-of-school-year calendar, ours has been full. There have been projects due, tests to be taken, field days, special luncheons, carnivals, events, events, and more events! One of my favorites was high school graduation. I was honored to help with the decor this year, and blessed to have an incredibly talented friend who can take bits and pieces of ribbons and accents to make anything look fabulous. (Thanks, C!) 

Here's how the graduation stage looked:

Brashier Middle College 2014 Graduation
Image Source

See the ferns and flowers? That's the components with which I began. The uber-amazing C brought mesh ribbon, mascots on sticks, and tiger-printed cloths to add pizazz. Doesn't it look great?!

The Reserved Seating posed some creative thinking. We were not allowed to tape signs to the chairs. C is a forward-thinker. She had this gorgeous wide ribbon in her stash. We tested out wrapping the chairs with the ribbon, but then a light bulb flashed a great idea. We used binder clips to attach the signs to the chair lip. I love how these looked!

I created the Reserved sign using a pretty script font and the school logo on white cardstock. Using my ever-trusty glue stick, I backed the white with black cardstock for extra-sturdiness. They held up well enough to use next year, though I'd like to add some weight to the ribbon. I'm thinking a beaded tassel hanging from the ribbon-point. 

Since LittleGirl is finishing her elementary education, she has some favorite teachers she wants to recognize. Being just like her Momma persistent about creating a gift on her own, she checked the Pinterest boards for an idea. She found something she could make herself with little help from an adult. I love how her gift turned out! 

Easy-to-Make Brown Sugar Scrub
1 Cup Brown Sugar - ¼ Cup Coconut Oil - 1 tsp. Vanilla
Melt Coconut Oil, Stir into Brown Sugar & Vanilla
Place into pretty container

LittleGirl did ask me to create a label for her sweet thank-you gifts. She was very specific about the look. of them. We used pinking shears (on paper - Gasp!) to cut out the labels. Here is a PDF of the labels for your personal use:  Seams Inspired Sugar Scrub Labels

She is quite pleased with her creation, and I'm sure it will be well-received by her teachers. I love her thoughtful heart! We have some other teacher gifts to create, though I won't be able to show those until later this week. Some of the teachers read this blog. :)

What have you been creating this week?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Congratulations to your fabulous kids on their achievements and effort this school year Larri. I bet everyone is looking forward to the Summer!

    1. Thanks, Shay! They are VERY happy to see the end of the school year...as am I. I'm ready for no schedules and no school projects. :)

  2. These end of the school year days are so busy! I love the idea of the homemade sugar scrub! Thanks for stopping by www.gingerharrington.com from Barie's website. I so love what Barbie writes. Blessings!

    1. Thanks, Ginger! We had some left over, and I readily admit...I love that sugar scrub! It leaves my skin so soft. The bonus is it's edible! ;)

      Thanks for stopping by! So glad Barbie introduced us. :)

  3. So wonderful to catch up with you. That stage looks beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Betty! It was a whirlwind event, but fun to set up. :)

  4. Pretty ribbon and stage! Good job! And the body scrub would be an awesome gift!!!
    I don't have the patience to home school, nor the time... I did for 1.5 years, kind of, with my son. He did online school and I threw things at him from across my office to help him stay focused. I'm so surprised he and I survived!

    1. Thanks, Val! I practically licked my face when I used this scrub!
      I homeschooled my boys through the middle school years via an online school. They did okay with it; however, LG is a different creature. She is not well-suited for it. We'd have to do our own curriculum. We might not either of us survive! :)

  5. I love homeschooling but it sure does gobble up time and patience - you have to know your limits. I am impressed by how well your children are doing.

    1. Yes, homeschooling is not for the faint-hearted. It's been a big year of transitions & milestones for us, Melissa, but in the grand scheme of things, everyone fared well. I'm pleased with how well the kids did in school. We don't focus on grades so much as doing their best & being of good character. I'm blessed with good kids. :)

  6. Congrats to all three on their achievements. The graduation decorations turned out looking quite perfect, so congrats to you and your friend on that, it's not small feat.

    Hope you have plans for a fun summer. DT asked for a lighter summer load this year. Between summer volleyball and newspaper workshops, she didn't have time for much else!

    1. Yikes, Kate! I remember replying to you...but it must have been all in my head. So sorry for such a tardy response to your kind comment. We've had a good summer. The boys start school next week & LG the week after. Hope DT had a blast during her busy summer. She's really coming into her own, isn't she? ツ On my way to catch up on you & your blog. Hope all is well in your world.

  7. Congratulations on your children's achievements! It must be nice seeing your offspring is doing well. But I believe a creative mind like yours will smile to the following little creation of mine:


    The thing to graduate,
    the thing beats to create.
    Much better is to stand
    than being dull, at hand.

    | † | Andrew
    Portal: www.trixnix.com
    Blog: http://trixnix.blogspot.no/
    E-mail: awell@online

    1. Thank you, Andrew! Hope you are doing well. Your creativity is a blessing, friend. ツ


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