Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Charmed Sachets

I had about 25 minutes to play today, and I've REALLY wanted to sew; so I stitched a few charm square sachets. These are incredibly simple, basic, beginner sewing project. (Say that 3 times fast!)

Charm Squares from Benartex 'An Apple a Day' collection
Velvet ribbon from stash


  • Grab 2 charm squares and place them RST (right sides together)
  • Loop a piece of ribbon (mine was 6-inches)
  • Pin ribbon between the squares with a bit sticking out (eyeball  to center, or measure if you must)
  • Stitch around squares leaving a 1½" - 2" opening
  • Press flat, clip corners
  • Turn right side out & press again
  • Insert little bits of fiberfill into each corner and around edges
  • Fill with a favorite scent, shaved soap, cedar chips, etc. (I used Lavender-scented homemade soap!)
  • Pin opening shut
  • Stitch around squares to seal

These are being presented to LittleGirl's teacher. Just a quick gift to show our appreciation. I love to sew gifts for others!

What is your favorite scent and why?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Im a big fan of lavender , and violets (not in the same sachet though)

    Love your quick and easy project ...these would make great gifts for a crowd of people!

    1. Vanilla is my all-time favorite scent, though I've never found one that smells exactly right to put in sachets. I'm going to have to visit the florist, because for the life of me, I cannot remember how violets smell!

      The sachets were well-received, and yes, so quick & easy they'd be a great addition to the gift closet.

  2. Quick and easy, my kind of project. Your's look great!


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