Saturday, January 18, 2014

Duckie Downpour

Duckie Downpour was the theme for a baby shower I recently hosted for some very dear friends. We are so excited for M's & M's soon-to-be-here little guy. Since they live outside our town, we hosted a tiny shower for 10 of their friends & family the weekend after Christmas.

LittleGirl and I had great fun preparing for this shower. We decided on a traditional blue & white color theme, while adding a splash of bright yellow in the form of rubber duckies.

Due to time constraints, we had to opt for a bakery purchase.
We lucked up when we found a cake iced in blues & rubber duckies
were located on the baby aisle of the local grocery. 

Since we hosted the shower on a Sunday afternoon between church services, I really needed to prepare as much ahead as possible. We served Chicken Pasta Salad with a side of Kalamata Olives, Spanikopita, Cake, and a Creamed Coffee Punch.

The Spanikopita (Spinach Pie) and Cake.
I forgot to take a photo once the Pasta Salad was placed at table. Oops!

While our friends are not Greek, I know they like Greek food. Spanikopita is a staple dish of our home, and it's quick to prepare ahead. Whether at the dinner table or the party table, Spanikopita dishes up elegantly and easily. The Chicken Pasta Salad was inspired by Saucy Jocey's recipe. In retrospect, I would have given this an extra day to marinate. It made a ton of pasta salad, and even though I sent some home with the Parents-to-be, we still had plenty left over for lunches later in the week. It was still very tasty though!

Kalamata Olives are dished up to the right.
I know not everyone likes olives, so we set them out as an addition to the Pasta Salad.
Those are Animal Crackers in the bowl to the left.

While waiting for all our guests to arrive, I like to have a little something for early arrivals to gnosh. We opted for Animal Crackers. I know. It's kinda quirky & cutesy, but it brought a smile to the faces of all the adults remembering them from childhood...and gnosh on them they did. 

I so wish I had taken a picture of the Creamed Coffee Punch. Alas, I didn't, so you'll have to believe me when I tell you it makes a gorgeous, creamy presentation. I snagged the recipe from Dukes & Duchesses blog. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this punch. Our guests dubbed it 'Coffee Milkshake' and kept returning for more. It's definitely a keeper recipe that I will serve many times again...maybe even for a special occasion treat for the family. Oh, and go take a look at her photo. Honestly, mine looked exactly the same in my cut crystal bowl. 

Sidenote:  I think it's so easy to get overwhelmed with entertaining. I know I certainly do sometimes! Use blogs & Pinterest as an inspiration, not as the standard. Hosting a party is meant to be a fun way to enjoy friends & show hospitality. Over-the-top parties are just that...over-the-top. Keep it simple so you can revel in the moment you've created for your friends. <-- Blatant & Unsolicited Advice 

And here is our Momma-to-be. Isn't she just lovely? We were honored to shower her and Mr. M as they prepare for their baby. While this was a low-key party, we think it was sweetly successful. Good friends and family coming together to celebrate life. 

What are you celebrating?

Happy Saturday!


  1. Gorgeous cake and your spread sounds divine. I must admit sometimes my catering is a bit over the top...I always have a ton of leftovers!

    1. Your catering is phenomenal, Shay. You're gourmet, friend. :)
      I love over-the-top parties, too. Just couldn't make it happen this go-round with the holiday busy.
      What I didn't write: We not only had family Christmas celebrations to attend, the day before, we were out of town visiting relatives. Then, the boys left the morning of the shower to attend a 4-day youth conference out of state. Truly a nutty, but fun time.

      PS...I forgot to mention in the post (will amend that!) the cake was store-bought. Yikes! Right off the bakery shelf & some rubber ducks thrown on top to deck it out in the proper theme. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. It was fun, Val! Sorry for the late response. Life's been in the way. Probably never happens to you, right? ;)

  3. Love the cake, what a great theme!

    1. Thanks, Kate! We had a fun time putting it together. :)

  4. Love that cake it was so cute and pretty at the same time. I'm not really good at planning things like that but sometimes I try against my better judgment. ;o)

    1. Thanks, Carla! Hosting parties isn't my most favorite thing to do. Honestly, I think that gene skipped me. :) This was very simple though, and seemed to work well for us. Thanks for stopping by!


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