Sunday, December 1, 2013

Stitching Memories

As we pulled Christmas decorations from the attic, I came across a box that held a sweet memory.

This little guy was one of my first sewing creations right after I purchased a sewing machine. Amazing that I saw the pattern in Family Circle Magazine, and thought, 'What a cute bear! I'm going to stitch that up!' 

I had zero fear...and a minute amount of sewing skills at that point. A thrilling combination, yes? :)

This tiny teddy is almost 20 years old. I guess he's not that tiny. He sits almost a foot tall.

His head has always been a bit tilted, though I feel it gives him character. His arms articulate. I remember using a very long needle and very strong thread, criss-crossing through his body from limb to limb. 

Honestly, I'm surprised he's held together. 

Although, perhaps his stitches haven't popped...because he was created with a great deal of love. 

What is your favorite Christmas creation?

Happy December!

Sidenote:  My domain name will expire in a couple of months. I'm seriously contemplating not renewing it. If that happens, I will shut down this blog entirely...and remove the content. If you want any of the AG Doll Patterns, it's a good idea to grab them now. 


  1. I love your bear Larri. He's held together because he was made with a ton of love (and absolutely no fear!)

    I'll be sorry to see your blog go.....

    1. Thanks, Shay! Kinda wish I still had that no fear. I got a lot more accomplished with that. LOL

      Alas, I just feel as I have no words any longer. I dunno. I'm still pondering the whole thing. Glad I have yours to keep me inspired!

  2. What a cute little bear with so many wonderful memories. :)

    I hate to see your blog go. :( Is there any way you could leave it on blogger and just let the domain expire?

    1. Thanks, Angie! He does have a lot of memories for me. Funny how that works. I can remember sitting at my kitchen table cutting out the pieces, stitching the little guy up, and stuffing him. I also remember how happy I was to watch him evolve & felt like he even took on a personality as his face appear. I imagine God felt/feels the same as He creates. :)

      Good idea about blogger! Thanks! I'm still figuring it out what to do. Sigh.

  3. Oh no! I haven't visited in a while (anyone for that matter) and am so sad to see you may shut your blog down. Your bear is adorable!

    1. Hi, Barbie! Thanks for your sweet words. I'm still undecided. Praying about it. Perhaps I just need to shift the focus of the blog to where my heart & He is leading. ;) Thanks for visiting!


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