Friday, August 16, 2013

Say Hello to my Little Friend

You read that, hearing an accented Al Pacino's voice in your head, didn't you? C'mon. Admit it!

So here's the latest. I've messed up my ankle...again. This isn't the nastiest of breaks or sprains, yet I've also never had much pain as I have with this particular issue. I typically walk 2-3 miles every morning so the pain was disconcerting. A couple of doctors' visits, x-rays, MRI, and a little drop of coinage later; I've discovered...not much. Other than it's not a break & the previous arthritis doesn't 'appear' to be the issue, they're just not sure. What an aggravation to not have a definitive diagnosis! 

In the meantime (the next 2-3 weeks at least), I've been ordered to wear this. 
Do you think my latest fashion accessory makes my toes look fat? ;)

And in other news...look what the kids fund out in the side yard!

We believe it's a gorgeous Eacles Imperial Moth. It's about 5-inches in wingspan. 
You can learn more about them here:


Son#1's photos were accepted by the Butterflies and Moths of North America  (BAMONA)! He is excited and honored he met the criteria to have his submission accepted. You can view here and learn more about BAMONA here.

Any medical diagnosis or moths to share? :)

Happy Friday!


  1. actually, makes your toes look tiny. That's a pretty fantastic moth ..

    1. Thanks, Thea! The upside of wearing the boot is I can paint my toes in vivid colors to make them stand out.

      That moth was fantastic. We were sad to see it had flown away overnight. Why we thought it would just hang out on the tree for its lifespan was pretty presumptuous on our part. ;)

  2. Your poor thing...that boot is not a cool fashion accessory. But I do like your nail polish!

    1. Meh. It could always be worse. I could be looking at surgery & a wheelchair. ;)
      I like my nail polish too! It's Essie 'Turks & Caicos' & it's been favorite shade this summer...probably b/c my MIL says it looks like a nail fungus. LOL

  3. I'm way behind on blog surfing. Hope your ankle is already better!

    1. Thanks, Kate! For some reason, your comment didn't come through until now. Weird. Anyhoo, yes, I'm out of the boot now - hooray! I'm in a brace & much more ambulatory. Can finally catch up on housework. ;)

  4. I have one of those very fashionable boots under my bed. Aren't they fun? Not.
    Wow that is exciting that your son's picture was accepted by Butterflies and Moth of N American. That moth is really pretty. I had never seen one those pretty colors

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Oh dear, Carla. I hope your boot stays under your bed. They are definitely no fun. And no one ever tells you how tiring it's going to be to drag that thing around. It's exhausting!

      It was quite exciting for S to see his photographs up on the website. I'd never seen one before, either. Gotta love how kids will point out the things we miss. :)


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