Friday, October 5, 2012

I've Broken My Pinky

...pinky promise, that is. I told you yesterday I'd show you all things stitchy. Well, bloggy friends, it's been a long & crazy week. Between school, and errands, and broken dishwashers, and life, I've only managed ONE STITCHY THING to show you.
Actually, I have several projects in the works, though none are photo worthy at this moment. So, without further ado, here's my one completed sewing project of the week.
It's a pillow bed for Dexter. It's really a pillow bed cover, or a giant pillowcase. When I changed out pillows (you know...the-slobbered-up-from-years-of-use pillows) from a couple of our bedrooms, I thought I could put the old pillows to some kind of use. Dexter likes to have a cushy place to sleep, ahem...
This pillow cover was an easy-peasy 10 minute project. I arranged 3 pillows, measured them, cut some fabric to length, and serged it up. The last side is open, and needs some velcro or buttons, or a zipper (Yeah...I'm not putting a zipper on this!); but for right now, it works perfectly. And Dexter seems to like it. Though he keeps hanging his head off to the side when he sleeps!
Hopefully, I'll have more sewing projects to show you on Monday. There's a quilt show tomorrow that I'd really like to attend. Any locals want to trip on over to Fountain Inn, Saturday morning to visit Aunt Het?
And since this 'stitchy' post seems more about Dexter, I'll leave you with one more fun photo of him. He's a star! He was recently photographed professionally. More on that soon, but for now...How could you not love a face like this?!?
If you're looking for a FABULOUS photographer, I highly recommend
J Catherine Photography. She's AMAZING!

What are your plans for the weekend?
Happy Friday!

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