Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fastest Project Ever!

So I received a call about 10am yesterday morning. Mom said she was in town for an appointment, Daddy tagged along, and they would love to see us. Maybe lunch at noon?
Suddenly, a sewing project loomed over my head. You see, Mom & Dad recently moved into a new home. The exterior colors differ from their former house. When I visited a couple of weeks ago, I offered to make some new cushions for their front porch chairs. Ummm...my good intentions were about to get the better of me.
What to do? What to do? Whip up some pillows, of course!
This is the fastest project I've ever done. Thank goodness these pillows were rectangular with just four sides. Mom wanted lumbar pillows the size I had sewn for JuJu earlier in the summer. Those were sized about 12"x22"...easy to cut out with my rotary cutter on a large cutting mat. All in all, these two pillows took me about 17 minutes to complete from cutting-to-stitching-to-turning-to-stuffing-to-whipstitching closed.
I LOVE fast projects that look good too!
Lumbar pillow for Mom's front porch
Oh, by the way...Lunch was great, and Mom loved the pillows too. The bonus for me...I got to sew again! :)
What's your favorite fast project to complete?
Happy Tuesday!

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