Monday, August 6, 2012

Why I Wake Up Early

It's kind of ironic that I'm writing this post today
...because I awoke an hour later than I normally do.
Gotta love God's sense of humor.
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The habit of waking early began in my teen years. In a large family that included 3 teenage girls, if you wanted to scrub off without the chill of cold water, you got up early and raced to the shower. Early AMs continued for me throughout my 20s, as was necessary to reach the timeclock and punch in before the boss did. Then, bleary-eyed early mornings became the norm with the arrival of my babies.

Needing a few 'Me' moments before the rush of family and onslaught of Momma-tasks filled my day, I began arising even earlier than my children. I used those precious minutes to sip some coffee, read the newspaper, fill out the crossword puzzle, and maybe look at my email. (The internet was still very new when my babies were babies...GASP!)

Even with those minutes for me, I never felt really settled as I began my day. Just a brief sense of catch-my-breath and collect-my-thoughts was not enough. I don't really remember the day I picked up a devotional instead of the newspaper, but I do remember my days beginning to fall into place a little easier after I sent up a brief prayer with that devotion.

The Moment it All Changed

Ever had an instant when life takes a turn with just the glance at some words? Happens to me all the time. Haha! I'm not even sure how I came to this passage, but I'm forever grateful I did.

Mark 1:35

This one little verse unlocked my 'me' moments and morning routine. I figure if Jesus himself, the ultimate example of Christianity, got up early in the mornings, found a quiet spot to be alone, and spent time in prayer, well...perhaps I should be doing that too.

Once I began my new Quiet Time - QT habit, my outlook and perspective on my days changed. I relished the thought of getting up early and spending QT with Him. And then, something even more remarkable happened.

My days spent in the trenches
of my Momma macrocosm got a little easier.

I had a bit more patience when my oldest kept asking, "Momma, know what?" or when my 3yo toddler decided to emulate Picasso on the living room walls. My list of errands, that always made me shudder, didn't seem so daunting a task any longer. I could handle the spills, squeals, and spit-up a bit better than before.

I've continued my morning QT routine throughout the years. And I honestly have to say that this ritual has made my days ameliorable. I know this, because on the days I don't have QT, I just don't cope as well. Starting with Him, focusing on what's truly important in my life, and praying for my children, family, and friends, equips me for the grime of daily living.

Let's face it...parenting can be pretty grimy at times!
We can use all the help we can get!

If you're looking to instill the habit of waking up early and spending some quiet time equipping yourself for the day, there's still time to join a Hello Mornings FB or Twitter accountability group. Click here:  Hello Mornings Fall Challenge

How do you spend your mornings?

Happy Monday!

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