Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Way Back When Wednesday

I may have shared this on my blog a few years ago. I really can't remember, and I'm too lazy to search. :) This appears as a fun photo, but it's full of bittersweet memories. My sisters and I were visiting the sights of our birth town, Wichita. It was THE COLDEST DAY EVER! Even in a 3/4 length wool coat, my tookus was frozen. We braved the weather to take a snap in front of an iconic downtown sculpture, The Keeper of the Plains.
The bittersweet reminder of this day is why we three were in town. We had just buried our maternal grandfather. Losing any grandparent is difficult; however, knowing that this was your last living grandparent touches deeper in the soul. You've lost not only a beloved person you've known your entire life, a familial connection that runs deep in your veins feels somewhat severed.
Honestly, even with my huge extended family (30+ first cousins!) still dwelling there, it was my grandparents that drew me to the roots of my hometown. THEY were the reasons I wanted to visit Kansas every year. THEY were the reasons my sisters and I made our annual 'girls weekend' trip together. THEY were the life and memories all wrapped up in loving arms and warm hugs.
I named this photo, "Our Last Hurrah in Wichita,' because we all knew at that moment...even if we went back to visit our hometown, it would never really seem like home again.
Have you visited your hometown recently?
Happy Wednesday!
PS...I somewhat hesitated to post this today. Usually I try to write 'happy' thoughts.
These words just needed to come out. They were brewing deep inside.
As my blog friends, I'm sure you 'get' that. :) Thanks for reading!

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