Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Facts

FACT - It's not Monday, but I'm posting FACTS.

FACT - This is the 3rd day I've had laryngitis.

FACT - It's no longer amusing.

FACT - I feel fine, though I have no voice.

FACT - The kids (and probably DH) love it.

FACT - My broken serger was fixable after all.

FACT - I am thrilled.

FACT - I'm working on two sewing projects right now.

FACT - I have no photos...yet.

FACT - I'm perusing patterns to update my Fall wardrobe.

FACT - I need some inspiration.

FACT - I'd appreciate any links to Fall fashion.

FACT - I hope your Saturday is Superb! :)

What are you sewing or purchasing
for Fall to add to your wardrobe?

Happy Saturday!

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