Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We Declare...

This video is long, but so worth watching.
Will give you a new perspective about our Declaration of Independence.

LittleGirl wanted a special top for our special day.
She spent quite a bit of time creating her shirt.

It's a super-easy craft. All you need:  Sharpie Pens & Rubbing Alcohol
Draw dots in a circle, drop the alcohol onto the dots to make them 'bleed'.
Throw in the dryer on hot/high for 20 minutes to set the ink. Done!

She calls her design "FIREWORKS & FREEDOM"

Shirt shopped from closet, sharpies from the craft drawer,
 rubbing alcohol from the medicine cabinet

Happy Independence Day
to my American friends!

Enjoy celebrating FREEDOM and be safe!

Happy Wednesday to my international friends. ;)

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