Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Way Back When Wednesday

Oh, yes. We were such tourists. :) This photo represents my first trip to the Atlantic Ocean and Myrtle Beach, SC. The year was 1991, and DH's family was taking their annual trek to the beach. DH left early and drove Yiayia and his grandmother, Sashie. Since Papou and I both had to work all day, we drove down later that evening. What a great way to get to know your future father-in-law by spending almost 5 hours in a car with him! We made a great connection with conversation flowing easily, and no awkward pauses. He told me stories of his family, and his father traveling alone to America when he was just 12 years old. I chatted about growing up in Kansas and the distinct differences in its landscape, what I missed, and what I was learning to love about South Carolina. Even though I had met the love-of-my-life, I was still very homesick for the wide open spaces of my childhood.

When we arrived at our destination, Yiayia and the others greeted us at the door. DH's sister said, "We are so glad you rode down with Pop! He tends to fall asleep on long drives."

I laughed nervously and thought, "I'm never riding a long way with him again unless I do the driving!"

Since I had never seen Myrtle Beach, DH made sure I saw it all. He was a fabulous tour-guide! We toured the Grand Strand, shopped the Gay Dolphin, played at the Pavilion, took in the gruesome and wacky sights of the Ripley's Museum, and of course, had a tin-type photo taken. There was also plenty of time to splash around in the salty waves. During the hot July afternoons, the entire family played Monopoly in air-conditioned bliss, waging strategic hotel wars and fighting for the coveted Boardwalk and Park Place ownership.

It was a fabulous vacation week that I will forever cherish and remember. I'm glad I have this one photo that unlocks a deluge of wonderful memories whenever I take a glance at it.

Do you remember your first trip to the beach?

Happy Wednesday!

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