Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bake Sale!

I'm linking up with my friends, Kelli (Adventurz in Child Rearing) and Carrie (Young Living Oil Lady ) for Kids in the Kitchen!

LittleGirl learned our neighborhood was hosting a Yard Sale. Sad that Momma would not be participating this year, she quickly rebounded and came up with a way to make some $$$ on her own. She would host a Bake Sale on that day!

Blueberry Muffins adorn the pink/white check tablecloth
The flower is attached to a sewing weight to hold down the napkins.

She poured through our cookbooks, quizzed family members on their favorite baked treats, and even searched Pinterest for ideas. Umm...it's safe to say this child 'o mine is Type-A like her Momma! After two weeks of planning, making grocery lists, and shopping for packaging, LittleGirl spent some time in the kitchen baking. Her efforts and planning paid off! She proudly made $25 from her Bake Sale. She is saving to purchase a Mermaid Tail. I know. Seems crazy, but that's what she wants to buy

~ Snickerdoodles ~
~ Oatmeal Cookies ~ Oatmeal w/Raisins ~
~  Krispie Treats

Surprisingly, the Krispie Treats sold the quickest...right after the Blueberry Muffins. Apparently, muffins are a great Saturday morning seller!

Mini Blueberry Muffins
One man bought 4, drove down the street eating them...and came back to buy the rest!

The Bake Sale sign - Injecting a little humor helps sells
See Krispie Treats pricing

Know what I'm most proud of LittleGirl's achievements? It's not her newly acquired culinary skills. It's that she asked to be awakened extra early on Bake Sale morning. LittleGirl needed the extra time to spend reading her Bible before heading outside to work the crowd.

I could be biased, but I think LittleGirl is going to be successful in whatever
career path she chooses!

Don't forget to visit Kelli and Carrie! There are some delicious recipes linked up today.

Have you ever hosted a Bake Sale?
Happy Tuesday!

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