Monday, June 4, 2012

Week of Momma

That sounds so selfish, doesn't it? A week devoted to me. The first week of Summer. Well, Momma needs a break. She needs a break from running kids wherever they want/need to be. A week free from laundry, meal preps, and dusting. So...Week of Momma was created.

This week Momma will recharge herself and indulge in some sewing projects. Some of the projects were set aside as life got in the way during the school year; and some are new projects Momma has wanted to work on for a while. Here's what is on this Momma's list:

And if I get ALL THAT done, this Momma will work on this project too. I mean, it's only been since FEBRUARY since I posted about it. Putting it off four months isn't so bad.

The Plan

Momma will awake each morning before the children, and have her Quiet Time ala the HelloMornings Challenge. I've been working on my 'Mom Cave' errr...Mom-Space. Here's where I'm spending my AM moments...

Momma has an easy meal plan for the week....EMFH - Every Man for Himself. No, not really. I do have easy meals planned for dinner. My children are old enough to prepare breakfast & lunch on their own. They actually love to cook, so I may just assign them each an evening to fix the family dinner.

Laundry will be completed by the kids. They all know how to operate the washer and dryer. They also know how to fold & put away the clothes. They will work on this daily to keep the laundry pile at a minimum, and they will work on this chore together. Woo-Hoo! It's not my favorite task. I'll happily hand it over to them this week...and maybe the rest of the summer. :)

And as stated earlier, other than a library trip and pool time at one of the grandparents' homes, this Momma will not be running hither-and-yonder-and-all-about-town this week. Nope. The taxi light is flashing 'Off Duty' for 'Week of Momma.'

What will the family gain from this? They will have a refreshed and recharged Momma. They will learn to be self-sufficient. They will learn how to entertain themselves. They will realize that 'Week of Momma' is a good thing.

How are you spending your week?

Happy Monday!

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