Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Week of Momma Day 3

The shopping produced no fabric for the kitchen curtains. The paisley has won out. Today I'll go grab the yardage I need and the sewing will commence!

On my Shopping-With-Mom day...which was much fun...I am blessed to have my Momma live nearby and spend time with her...we decided to blast out of town and drive to Sparkle City. Now local readers are probably thinking, "Huh? You went to Sparkle City to SHOP?"

Yes we did! On the way over, there is a Home Decor outlet (Tony's Fabrics) just off the Interstate. Unbeknown to us, it's going out of business. Every fabric is $1.99/yd or less. Whoop! Sadly, I found nothing to coordinate with anything in my house; however, if you were wanting to learn how to upholster, this would be the place to shop. Here's a link (it's Location 'B') if you're up for a drive. While there, Mom and I met another Mom & Daughter out fabric shopping. After chatting, we pointed them to all the local fashion fabric stores. The teen daughter is wanting to sew & sell sarongs this summer. If she's reading, "Hello! and Good Luck! I think JoAnn's might have what you're looking for in fabric!" :)
What did my shopping adventure find?

  • Pillows (Standard size, 4 of them, from Tony's Fabrics Outlet)
  • Elastic (approximately 30yds, 1-inch width, $1.00!!!!)
  • White Cotton Fabric (JoAnn's, 2yds, Hello New Skirt!)
Sew Classic Specialty Cotton
White Medallion Eyelet
JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts

  • Orange/Pink Knit Fabric (JoAnn's, 2yds, Had to Have It)
Global Voyager
Pink Org  Rib Knit
JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts

Week of Momma Day 2 brought me home to empty cupboards. LittleGirl wrote out the grocery list, Son#2 grabbed the sacks, and Son#1 grudgingly left his computer (he's working on a new game he's created). We hopped in the car and drove to the grocery. With two carts in tow, we reached an all-time shopping record. In 25 minutes, we crossed off everything on our list, spent only $70, and loaded the car. It helped that 2 kids pushed the carts - 1 for 'light' and 1 for 'heavy' items - 1 kid loaded items into the carts, and Momma called out the list and held the calculator. Well that, and the store was closing in 30 minutes. :)

Day 2 ended with a quick glimpse of the Venus Transit. And quick it was. A fat gray cloud rolled in front of the sun, thus ending our opportunity to watch Venus' historic pass. Sigh.


While night began to fall, Momma began one of her Craftsy classes. (Yeah, I know. I keep saying I'll talk about it, yet I don't talk about it!) Last week, I won a Craftsy class. Wa-hoo! Have you taken a class from them? They are fabulous. I highly encourage you to try one. There is a minimal cost involved, and some are even FREE! Tap your inner-student and go have a looksee around Craftsy. Honestly, this frugal sewer truly believes the $$$ is worth the priceless skills you will acquire.

Which class did I choose? Jean-ius with Kenneth King!

I am super-excited and inspired to reverse engineer my favorite jeans. Today, I will mark the lines with embroidery floss as I prepare to mark out the pattern. Kenneth King is a outstanding instructor. He makes me feel as though I can accomplish and succeed in this class. Look at the time. Momma has a lot on her sewing plate today. Gotta stitch!

What are your plans today?

Happy Wednesday!

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