Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I find it very difficult to be wordless on a blog. ☺

I had the blessed privilege to watch our Carolina Wren babies leave their nest. Shortly after Sunday's video was taken, Mr. & Mrs. Carolina flew to a nearby camellia bush and tweeted for their babies. One of the babies scooted to the front of the nest, hopped to the edge of the flower pot, and then took a leap of faith onto the front porch. That baby flew a couple of feet to meet up with Momma and Daddy Wren.

The baby brothers and sisters followed their brave sibling's courageous leap...except for baby #5. Not to be outdone by the oldest, the last baby hopped to the edge of the pot and flew straight away! It was so sweet to watch. I only wish I had been in a good spot to video it for you. Alas, I was hiding behind the front window's curtain panels. I managed a couple of snaps as they were leaving the nest. The collage was done with a new-to-me site,

Have you ever seen a baby bird take its first flight?

Happy Wednesday!

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