Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday Quotes

These are LittleGirl's dear friends, Samantha and Sally. They are loved and treasured. Samantha is a gift from Yiayia, who has ensured all her granddaughters love dolls as much as she does. Samantha is a great source of sewing inspiration for me, as I so enjoy creating outfits for LittleGirl to dress her.

Sally is a gift from my dear bloggy friend, Petra, of This Good Steward.  We met in real life a couple of months back, and she surprised LittleGirl with one of her gorgeous crocheted creations. Sally has brought much joy to LittleGirl, as well as LittleGirl's friends. They always want to bring Sally off the shelf and hold her. They quickly realize Sally is held in high regard, and give her love with gentle hands.

These little dolls are sweet reminders of friendship. I am grateful for all my bloggy friends - new and old. Y'all bring me smiles every day. ☺

What is your favorite friendship quote?

Happy Wednesday!

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