Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Facts

FACT - I'm glad the A to Z Challenge is over.

FACT - While it was fun, it taxed my brain cells.

FACT - I worked on some projects during the month of April.

FACT - I'll be blogging about those projects this week.

FACT - One of the projects was B-I-G and took T-E-N days to complete.

FACT - It was painting my kitchen walls and cabinets.

FACT - Here's a 'before' shot of the cabinets.

FACT - Here's an 'after' shot of the same kitchen area. ☺

FACT - We really LOVE the fresh update!

FACT -  I still need to sew curtains and paint the trim.

FACT - I have many more projects to show you this week.

FACT - Hope your Monday is MAGNIFICENT!

Have you ever painted kitchen cabinets?

Happy Monday!

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