Friday, May 25, 2012

Favourite Things Friday - 25May2012

Come play along with Aussie Shay
and her friends!
Their favourites are always fun to read! ☺

It's the little things that make me happy and life oh, so sweet! My favourite for this Friday is something I contributed nary a minute to its development, save for bringing the little 6-inch sprigs home from a local store. DH and LittleGirl have the green thumbs in this family. They assured me they could revive the shriveled stems. I was doubtful.

But today. At last. Yes, friends, it is time. The first tomato of the season is ready to pluck off the vine! What a delicious Summer it is going to be! ☺

The first tomato of the season!
"Big Boy" variety grown in our 100-year-old iron kettle.
The kettle was originally used for boiling sugar on plantations. ☺

Do you grow your own tomatoes?

Happy Friday!

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