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A to Z 2012 - A

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Armscye  [ ahrm-sigh ]

The armscye is one of those sewing words that gave me trouble for a long time, mainly because I couldn't pronounce it without a phonetic cheat-sheet. Once I learned to say it, armscye still gave me trouble...because I could never seem to sew it correctly.

Armscye is the armhole of your garment. From trial and many an error, I can tell you without a shadow of doubt:  Use the armhole and sleeve that were created for the pattern. Mixing and matching will NOT produce positive results! It has to do with geometry (and maybe some higher math - not my strongest subject) and fitting that flat curve of the armscye with the curvier sleeve. Just trust me on this, and you'll have no armscye issues.

Seams Inspired's Armscye Tip:

Put in those basting stitches at the top of the sleeve cap, gather them up, and begin pinning at the TOP of your armscye. Pin, pin, pin and follow with baste, baste, baste. You'll find that putting sleeves into the armscye is much easier this way than most pattern directions instruct.

Do you sew?
Have you heard of the word armscye?

Happy Sunday!

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