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A to Z 2012 - Y

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This month, you'll learn about those funny little
sewing defined by Seams Inspired.

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When we're talking yardage, we're talking fabric. Specifically, we're talking the amount of fabric that is needed for your sewing project. However, there's more to consider than just the amount of yardage you need. Here are Seams Inspired's tips for yardage:

  • Use the recommended fabrics for the project. It will save you some tears later. Recommendations can be found on the back of a pattern, usually near the top after the description.
  • Select fabric you love. If you love the look, the color, and the feel of the yardage, you will usually love the final garment.
  • If shopping online, and you have time on your side, buy swatches first.
  • Purchase the best quality you can afford. Don't skimp on quality. Those few extra dollars spent on yardage will help ensure you turn out a quality garment.
  • ALWAYS purchase EXTRA yardage. This is probably the MOST important tip I can suggest. It's better to buy a little extra fabric than to be in the middle of a midnight sewing session and find yourself in a yardage shortage. 

A final word on yardage...look at the fabric content and take note of the washing instructions. SAVE these notations, because you will need them when your garment is finished.

Do you have any yardage tips?

Happy Saturday!

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