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A to Z 2012 - V

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The first time I saw this fabric, Voile, I had no idea what it was or how to pronounce it. (It rhymes with foil). All I knew is that I wanted some of it. I needed some Voile. It is a semi-transparent woven fabric that drapes just beautifully. The warp is made with a two-ply rather than one-ply of tightly twisted yarn, which gives this sheer fabric a higher thread count.

If you've never seen voile, it is similar in appearance to organza. Though it is lightweight and sheer, voile is still strong enough to hold up to the play of a child; which is why it is often used in smocked dresses for little girls. Voile can be made of all cotton, cotton/polyester blends, or the very luxurious silk. Here are some examples:

Pure / soft white cotton voile
extremely soft,made from fine egyptian cotton yarn,

Vintage 1940s Voile Dress

Here is a link to a gorgeous hand-smocked voile dress that any little girl would be lucky to wear. You can view it at SilverStreamHeirloom's Etsy shop. Update:  Susan graciously allowed me to post a photo of the beautiful dress she created. Be sure to stop by her Etsy store! She sews and smocks amazing garments! If LittleGirl were tiny, I'd be dressing her in Susan's pretties.

Silver Stream Heirlooms
Hand-smocked Voile Dress

Have you seen Voile fabric?
 Do you own any garments made of Voile?

Happy Wednesday!

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