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A to Z 2012 - U

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♪♫ "Around, around, around, around, over, under, and through." ♫♪

Anyone else remember that song? No? Think of a lovable, furry blue monster singing it. Still no? Oh, well. That's what came to mind as I typed 'Understitching'. ☺ Back to the Seams Inspired's 'U' post...

Understitching is a sewing technique that anchors the seam allowance to the facings of a garment. It is used when topstitching would spoil the design, but a secured stitch is needed to hold down the fabric.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, and probably because that song is still stuck in my head!, I am quoting the instructions of understitching  from Singer's Sewing Book, Revised Edition, 1972:

To understitch, turn facing and seam allowances away from the garment and stitch from the right side, through facing and seam allowances, close to the seamline. Since this stitching is not on the right side of the garment, it is invisible in the finished work.

A last word on understitching...it's under-rated. This is a handy technique to master, as understitching works hard to keep your garment in its correct position without facings flapping about. If you sew, give it a try.

Did you click on the furry monster link? If so, I apologize. You'll have that song in your head all day.

Have you heard the sewing term Understitching?

Happy Tuesday!

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