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A to Z 2012 - T

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Topstitching is a technique that can be used for function or creative design. A garment with a collar, for instance, has two layers of fabric and one seam joining the two layers that should not be seen. The extra step of topstitching allows the seam to be secured to the underside. It is a necessary sewing step in this instance.

Topstitching can also be used as a decorative element. The seam line that is topstitched is given more interest and stands out from the rest of the garment. When it is a feature, the type of toptstitching is determined by you, the designer. It can be a straight line, following the seam, or you could opt for using a zigzag stitch. Some machines have built-in decorative stitches, which would add great detail as a topstitch design. Here is an example...

Variegated thread and a decorative stitch add a lovely
topstitching detail to this skirt ruffle.

Have you heard the sewing term 'Topstitching'?

Happy Monday!

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