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A to Z 2012 - S

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Shears and Scissors

Every sewing box should have a pair of shears AND a pair of scissors. Though they appear similar in design, there is a difference between the two. Shears have a bent handle, and are designed so the bottom blade glides the cutting surface. This feature allows the fabric to remain in place and not be lifted from the table so your cutting is more accurate. Often referred to as Tailor's Shears, use this type of tool when cutting out your pattern shapes.

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Dressmaker Shears are for general sewing use. When you need to trim many layers of fabric seams, or cut all the way to a point, these are the shears to use. The 7"-8" length will provide a medium cut...not too short and not too long...just right.

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Trimming Scissors are a necessity in every sewing tool-kit. Trimmers will be the pair of scissors you keep beside your sewing table, and reach for when you need to slash, snip, grade, and (obviously) trim your sewing projects.

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One last word on Shears and the best quality you can afford and use them only for cutting fabric and thread. This is the one time when you truly should opt for the better brand. Shears and Sewing Scissors are an investment that will last you a lifetime if properly maintained. That's why your Momma or Grandmother yelled at you when she found you cutting construction paper with her 'good scissors'. ☺
Do you have a special pair of shears or scissors?

Happy Saturday!

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