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A to Z 2012 - R

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Running Stitch

The Running Stitch is the most-basic sewing stitch. It's probably the first stitch you ever learned if you had the good fortune to take a sewing class, or even better, were taught by a mother or grandmother. Even if you don't sew, you may have learned the Running Stitch in elementary school. Remember hole-punched cards and weaving ribbon or yarn up-and-down-and-in-and-out of each hole? That's the Running Stitch.

This basic stitch is used to hold two pieces of fabric together. The goal of the Running Stitch is to make each stitch and space between them as even as possible. It's a daunting task, and definitely takes some practice to perfect those even stitches.

The Running Stitch is made by weaving the needle in and out of the fabric before pulling the needle and thread through. Repeat until you've reached the end of the fabric. This stitch is also used for basting, gathering, as well as in embroidery. If your stitches and spacing are even, they should look something like this...

Image Source

Have you ever sewn using the Running Stitch?

Happy Friday!

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