Thursday, April 19, 2012

A to Z 2012 - Q

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Quilting Guide Attachment

I'm having the worst time gathering my thoughts to write today, so today's post is going to be pictorial. ☺

If you see one of these gadgets when you are out thrifting or yard saling (is that even a verb?), grab it for your sewing box! The Quilting Guide foot is a useful tool for more than just quilting straight lines. It's a great way to align your seams when a larger seam allowance is needed.
The plastic hinge attaches to your sewing foot, and the bar slides to the width you need. The bend in the bar rests atop the throat plate of your sewing machine. Though this one is made for a vintage machine (newer machines have a fancier - and more expensive - Quilting Guide Attachment), it should retro-fit onto most machines.
I plan to use my Quilting Guide Attachment to sew straight lines when I quilt these Mug Rugs. Hmmm...maybe I wasn't so blocked in my writing after all. ☺
Have you ever seen a Quilting Guide Attachment?
Happy Thursday!

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