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A to Z 2012- N

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If you've looked at garment pattern pieces, you have probably seen little triangles or diamonds dotting the edges of the pattern. These are notches, indented markings to help you match pattern pieces together. Where you find one notch, you will find a duplicate somewhere else within the sewing pattern.

When there are many areas to match the garment pieces, the notches will be numbered in the order they should be sewn. Whether singles, pairs, or even triples, marking notches is a step you should not skip. So, should the notches be marked outward or inward? It mostly depends on you, the sewer, and the type of fabric on which you are sewing.

Outward notches are cut following the diamond or triangular shape. Take care to cut them accurately, as sloppy notches will result in an ill-fitting garment. The preparation process, at least for me, is a bit tedious; however, the finished dress, skirt, or blouse is worth the extra effort. Outward notches work best on tightly woven or knit fabrics.

Inward notches are for fabrics that are sheer (chiffons, organzas) or ravel easily; or just because you prefer to cut them that way. These type of notches must be marked just as carefully as the outward notches, though they should be inconspicuous and not cut past the seam allowances. To cut the notch, fold the fabric where the notch is marked. Take a small diagonal snip across the corner of the fabric. When you open the fabric, you should be left with a complete notch.

Have you heard the sewing term Notches?
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