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A to Z 2012 - L

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You've chosen your fabric, pre-washed it if necessary, pressed it flat to remove any wrinkles; and pressed and cut your pattern pieces for your new garment. Now it's time to focus on the layout of the pieces onto the fabric. Fortunately, if you have purchased a pattern, each piece will be numbered, and there will be a layout chart to follow. Even so, there are layout placement considerations to be made.
  • Lay out all the pattern pieces onto the fabric BEFORE cutting.
  • To save time and aid cutting accuracy, a double thickness of fabric can used. Fold RIGHT SIDES of the fabric together, selvage-to-selvage, before cutting.
  • Follow the direction / pattern in the fabric. Some fabrics are directional, meaning the print runs one way. You don't want the little gnomes in your favorite whimsical fabric to appear as though they are looking up your skirt.
  • Use pins or weights to hold pattern pieces in place while cutting. If using weights, you will find a rotary cutter will be much more efficient than shears.
  • Line up the pattern pieces with the grain of the fabric. Taking time with this step will help your final garment hang correctly.

As a sewer stitches more garments, layout placement will become much easier. You will find that there are times you can manipulate the layout a bit. I believe the most important rule is to layout twice, cut once. After that first cut, you can't go back...unless you have extra yards of fabric. ☺

Have you ever looked at the layout instructions
in a sewing pattern?

Happy Friday!

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