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A to Z 2012 - K


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The Knot

I remember the first time I was instructed to properly tie a knot. I was a slimmer and younger version of the girl I am today, sitting in Mrs. Schoenhal's Home Economics I class. Her glasses bobbled just a bit as she bent her head toward my sewing space. She sighed when she saw me trying to thread my needle and tying two ends together. Mrs. Schoenhal squatted down beside me, grabbed a spool of thread, and showed me the procedure. I've been using the same method for knot-tying ever since.

The purpose of the Knot is to secure the thread so it doesn't slip through the fabric as you are hand-sewing. It is supposed to be inconspicuous. By the way, you do not need to use a double-strand of thread when hand-sewing. One strand is strong enough to complete your sewing tasks.

Here's how you tie a knot for sewing:
  • Thread your needle and pull enough thread through for your sewing task, leaving a short end and long end.
  • Grasp the long end of thread between your index finger and thumb.
  • Loop the thread around your index finger. It should be a loose loop.

  • Roll the thread loop back and forth between your finger and thumb. This will make a little twist in the thread loop.

  • Pull the thread end to tighten and secure the knot.

What kind of knots do you know how to tie?

Happy Thursday!

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