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A to Z 2012 - H

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I always love and loathe when I get to the hem of a garment. I love it because it's the last step to a completed sewing finish; and I loathe it, because I have a fear of messing it up. The hem is supposed to be nearly invisible to the outside world. It can be machine stitched; however, I've found that hand-stitching the hem produces a better result...another reason I worry about hems.

One of the best pieces of advice I read regarding hemlines, was from a 1970s edition of the Singer Sewing Book:

Although fashion dictates to some extent the length of skirts,
DO NOT follow it blindly
but consider your figure proportions as well.

(Emphasis is mine.)

A few things to remember before hemming any garment...

  • Let the garment hang overnight. I know I always want to keep on sewing; however, if the garment is allowed some 'hanging time' (at least overnight, though 24 hours is better), gravity will help smooth out any hemming wrinkles you would otherwise encounter.
  • A hem's depth should only be deep enough to accommodate the fabric as it can be made to lie flat on the inside of the garment. If you are experiencing lumps and bubbles in the hem, try decreasing the depth.
  • Mark the fabric on the inside of the garment.
  • Learn some handstitches! A Running-Hemming Stitch or Catch Stitch will make hemming a garment so much easier. Here's a video that demonstrates the running hemming stitch very well: 

Have you ever hemmed a garment?

Happy Monday!

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