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A to Z 2012 - F

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Flat Seam

Even if you have never used this term in sewing, you can flip to the inside of your clothing and find a flat seam. This is the most commonly used seam in sewing. And it's super-easy for the beginner sewer!

1. Place the right sides (the side of fabric you want the world to see) of the fabric together.

2. Pin the two pieces together every few inches to keep the fabric from slipping.

3. Stitch together (removing pins as you sew) using a straight-stitch.

4. Press the seam open on the back side (the side you wear next to your skin) and turn to right side.

5. Press the seam flat on the front side of the fabric.

That's it. Now go sew some flat seams today!

Have you ever sewn a flat seam?

Happy Friday!

To my Christian friends...

Blessings to you, this Good Friday,
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1 John 3:16

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