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A to Z 2012 - E

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Ever wonder why you wear the same clothing over and over again? Most likely it's because of the ease. Ease, in sewing terms, is that added bit of fabric that allows a garment to feel comfortable to its wearer. Easy to move around in, about, and anywhere you go...that's EASE. It's what makes those yoga pants so popular! (Don't wear them for anything but exercise. There are garments that have the right ease and are much more stylish. Okay. Off my soapbox. ☺)

Ease is comprised of a few elements:  Fabric, garment design, function, and you. A stretchier fabric (jersey knit) requires less ease than a stiffly woven fabric, such as wool. The more tailored a design is the more ease you will need. A fuller design, such as a ball gown skirt, will provide more movement; therefore, less ease is needed.

The last element is Y-O-U. Only you can determine what is comfortable when you wear a garment. Only you know how much ease you need in a jacket, blouse, or pants. Ease is one of the reasons I took up sewing. Who wouldn't want a little extra breathing room?

Have you thought that 'Ease' might be the reason
you're wearing that same old shirt today? ☺

Happy Thursday!

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