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A to Z 2012 - D

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These aren't the kind you use to play a fun round at the local pub. Darts are not only a design element in fashion. They are used to create shape and provide fullness in specific areas of the female form. 

Looking somewhat like an isosceles triangle when marked on your fabric, the sides are stitched together and tapered to the point.  Darts should be barely visible on outer side of the garment. To ensure this, the point is tied off or knotted by hand instead of back-stitching on a machine. Darts can be tricky for someone new to sewing, as the darts must point toward the fullest part of the curve but not pass the curve.

The great thing about darts is they aid in perfecting the fit of a garment. The darts can be moved up or down the bodice as well as adjusted in length to accommodate any bust size. No matter if your hips are slim or full, darts can help a skirt hug your curves in the right places. (When trying on ready-to-wear (RTW) clothes, if the fit is 'off'; it's most likely the darts don't 'hit' in the right place.)

With a bit of practice, mastering darts will give your sewn clothes a tailored and professional look.

Have you heard the sewing term "Darts"?
Have you tried sewing Darts?

Happy Wednesday! 

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