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A to Z 2012 - B

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Blocking is more than pressing or ironing the garment you are creating. Blocking is a needed step in sewing success, because its action allows the garment to permanently hold its intended shape. If you're going to spend all that time cutting your flat piece of fabric and stitching it into a 3-Dimensional silhouette; you might as well put in the effort to block it, so you will have the best-looking duds around.

Clothing is intended to fit the contours of your body. Blocking cannot be achieved without the proper tools. Ironing a curved seam on a flat surface will result in misshapen clothing, which will result in tears. A tailor's ham is a necessity when sewing garments. Why is it called a ham? Because it looks like one.
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The tailor's ham will provide you with the rounded edges you need to block the curvy seams in your garment. You lay the fabric over the ham, press, press, press, and mold the garment into its permanent shape.

Have you heard of the sewing term Blocking?

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