Monday, March 5, 2012

Make Monday Special

And how was your weekend, bloggy friends? I managed to not leave the house even once...and it was lovely. LittleGirl had a Pajama Party for one in the den. She set up her mattress & pillows and camped out Saturday night. The boys were on computer restrictions, so they entertained themselves with games and some reading. Son#1 is reading Swiss Family Robinson, while Son#2 is reading Left Behind: The Kids. I think there are six books in this Left Behind series. I've read the first four, and thoroughly enjoyed them. Me? I made a mess in the kitchen.

Oh? You thought I meant a cooking mess?
Silly friends! That's my staging area for blog snaps. ☺

Now that Monday has rolled around, I'm feeling a bit blah. How to make this day a bit special? Hmm...I know what I'll do. I'll bake some cupcakes. How about Angel Food cupcakes with a Marshmallow Fluff Frosting? Still blah? How about serving it up in a special way?

Angel Food Cupcake with Marshmallow Fluff Frosting - Yum!

There we go! Grab a plate and a cloche (yeah, I know it's really a cheese dome ☺) and turn a plain something into something special today. Besides, everything tastes better when it's served with an extra dollop of LOVE.

How are you making today special?

Happy Monday!

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