Thursday, March 29, 2012

Au Courant - Quick Gift

In an effort to actually CREATE instead of 
simply reading and being inspired,
Thursday's posts are all about my latest crafting efforts.

There's not much to report for Au Courant, as I've had absolutely no desire to sit and stitch. My days have been filled with school papers and Spring chores, which may be contributing to the lack of desire to craft. With Spring Break on the horizon, I'm hoping to remedy that.

The only thing I crafted this week was a quick gift for LittleGirl's GoodNews Club teacher. As she skipped out the door Tuesday morning, LittleGirl turned back to say, "Hey, Momma! Don't forget I need a present for my GoodNews teacher this afternoon. It's our last day, remember? You can make her something, right?"

First, I love that LittleGirl is still little enough to think this Momma can create anything at a moment's notice. Second, I love that she believes gift-giving should be made and not necessarily purchased. Well...this quick gift started with a quick purchase.

Pressed for time, I purchased a pretty and colorful plant at the grocery. I know! If a nursery had been along my driving path, I promise I would have stopped. The grocery florist was just going to have to do! I brought the little plant home, removed its foiled wrap, and searched the gift closet (okay, NOT the gift closet...the cabinet above the washer) for a nicer container.

After transplanting, it still needed a little 'something' to jazz it up a bit. I happened to have some Scripture cards just the right size. I grabbed some wire, twisted and bent it to make a holder for the cards, and Voila! A quick gift for the teacher!

What's your favorite quick gift to give?

Happy Thursday!

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