Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Way Back When Wednesday

What can I say? LittleGirl loved pink! This was taken the first Winter we lived in our current home. We had an unseasonably warm day, so LittleGirl wanted to try out her 'big-girl' bicycle she had received for Christmas. Always the preparer, LittleGirl dug through her bins and cubbies for all the accoutrements necessary for an afternoon of bike riding.

I love this photo, because it captured her 3-year-old persona perfectly. Every time I look at this snapshot, it makes me grin...the whimsy, the expression, the chubby fingers, the gear. Everything encapsulated in this photograph brings a smile to my heart. It was just an ordinary day in our lives forever remembered on film.

Do you photograph 'ordinary' events that could happen daily?

Happy Wednesday!

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