Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Way Back When Wednesday

I actually sewed yesterday! We're finally almost well at the House of Seams Inspired. I'm SO glad! This has been the most rotten cold ever. Back to the stitching...In the midst of all my purging, I decided I needed a new carry-all for some daily essentials. Yeah, I'm talkin' 'bout my make-up. ☺ And that's all I'm sayin' for now. I'll show you tomorrow when I can once again have an Au Courant Craft post.

On to the Way Back When photo! Actually, there are three of them this week...

Son #1

Son #2

Call it Divine Intervention, or whatever you want. I happened to have my camera readily available...with film and a good battery in it...when each of my babies stood up for the first time. They all happened to do this around the same age, in the same nursery, in the same crib, and right after nap time. Sidenote/Crib Memory:  Before the arrival of Son#1, we put that crib together in our living room. We rolled it down the hallway, managed to turn the corner to enter the nursery...only to realize the darn thing wouldn't fit through the door. We had to roll it back down the hallway and take it apart so it could be re-assembled in the room. Silly new parents-to-be. ☺

The reason they are in their 'glory' suits is because of their hot Greek blood. Those babies were like nuclear reactors! They'd get all hot and sweaty and uncomfortable during sleep. I learned very quickly with Son#1 to strip them down for naps and night-time.

 Son#1 seems to be saying, "Hey, Momma! I'm standing!" look on his face. Son#2 has that "Am I in trouble, or do you love what I did?" expression. LittleGirl's "Look at me! Look what I did!" expression attitude makes me smile. What I love most is that I caught them all in the midst of a milestone. There have been so many since these days that are only a memory snapshot. I'm happy I was able to mark these baby moments for them with a photograph.

Did you / do you capture your children on film
during a big milestones?

Happy Wednesday!

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