Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Way Back When Wednesday - 22Feb2012

These are the types of photos I treasure most...because I have absolutely no recollection of taking this snapshot. The year my second son was born, I was plagued with post-partum depression. Some call it the 'baby blues'. I call it an evil torment of hormones. Most of his first year is a complete blur for me. I was going through the Momma paces, but I wasn't experiencing the joys of his life.

This photo makes me a bit sad since I cannot revive the memory of the moment; however, I'm grateful for having enough of 'me' still around to do the perfunctory things, such as taking a quick snapshot of my adorable and much-loved baby boy. Isn't he beautiful? If I had to guess, I'd say he just finished eating one of still-favorite foods...sweet potatoes.

I do recognize the chair in which he is sitting. That was our 'saving grace' chair...from the wind-up swing. Was I glad to have one of those for my kids! ☺ I loved that you could remove it, flip the little handlebar back, and sit it upon the floor. It was so nice to have a portable carryall that was lighter than the 4-in-1 carseat thingie. I'd tote my babies all around the house with me, while completing my daily tasks. They'd accompany me to the kitchen, laundry room, bedrooms...and probably the bathrooms too. ☺

I try to be sanguine about photos such as these. I suppose whatever little piece from the snapshot I can elicit from my mind is better than nothing at all...sigh.

Do you have photos you don't remember taking?

Happy Wednesday!

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